Deluxe Milk Boiler (RU2002)


A stainless-steel Curved edge Milk Boiler with whistle indicator compatible on Gas stove and Induction cook top. It is a much-preferred traditional utensil.

Usage Instructions for Milk Boilers

  • Unscrew the whistle, add water to the level 1cm below the whistle in between the two walls of the milk boiler
  • Fix the screw and then pour milk into the milk boiler.
  • Kindly don’t forget to drain out the water after usage for hygiene.
  • Get the elegant looking milk boiler which is going to get beautiful with your kitchen now!
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A stainless-steel Curved edge Milk Boiler with whistle indicator that alerts when the milk comes to boil. The stay-cool handles protect from burns and the sturdy handles helps to hold and move the milk boiler. It is both compatible on a gas stove and also on an induction cook top. It is a much-preferred utensil.

The Milk Boiler is constructed from a double-walled stainless steel container that ensures food-grade safety standards. Before boiling, it requires water filling, serving as a preventive measure against milk thickening or scorching at the base.

Equipped with a whistle, it signals when the milk reaches the peak temperature, preventing spillage.

Featuring a curved edge for easy pouring and compatibility with induction cooktops, it’s designed for convenience. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe and engineered to prevent milk overflow.

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1000ml / 1L, 1500ml / 1.5L, 2000ml / 2L, 2500ml / 2.5L, 3000ml / 3L



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Silver Finish


Stainless Steel

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Deluxe Milk Boiler (RU2002)

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Deluxe Milk Boiler

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